Fildena CT 50

Fildena CT 50
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Fildena CT 50 medicines are chewable tablets for treating ED in men. The chews are easy to consume with quick effective results. Impotence issues are easy to treat with this interesting ED curing aid. The chews work best by decreasing arterial entanglements and improving quality of blood flow in the penile region.

Sildenafil Citrate 50mg in the medicine works outstanding by improving erectile capabilities and performance and by decreasing arterial failures that blocks natural process of achieving and keeping up an erection for longer time

The chews are to be consumed once in a day, orally without water. Simply take a tablet and chew it. Take chewable tablet 30 minutes before intercourse in presence of complete stimulation.

Appropriate consumption of medicine allows men to stay active for up to 5 hours

Blocked nose, feeling dizzy, flushing, hot flushes, indigestion and nausea are common side effects. Rare side effects like abnormal sensations in eye, seizures, faster heart rate, dry mouth, sleepiness, stomach pain, vomiting and vertigo may require medical assistance 

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