1. Are these generic medicines equally effective as brand medicines?
Yes, the main active ingredient in medicines available on store including Sildenafil Citrate, Vardenafil and Tadalafil is same as in brand pills. Generic drugs are recommended safe for consumption as per FDA approvals.
2. Why are these generic pills cheap?
Online pharmacies invest very less share of their profits on advertising and various promotional activities. We prefer benefitting users by providing these generic quality drugs at affordable rates. However, effectiveness and quality of the medicine is not compromised in any case
3. Do I need prescription for these generic pills?
Usually ED medicines are safe for consumption without medical prescription. However, in case of any existing disorder or kidney or liver issues; medical prescription certified from doctor for consuming ED drugs is mandatory
4. Does these generic ED meds help in conceiving?
Component in medicine does support good erection and ensures better sexual performance for the couple. However, men should also have qualitative and quantitative sperm count required for conception in women. Also, women’s reproductive organs play major role in conceiving. The manufacturer insists that there is no impact on fertility on usage of any ED medicine 
5. Do you provide medical advice for penile failure issues?
We provide information regarding drugs, but not whether the drug is suitable for your body type. Please contact your physician, in case of any doubt before taking ED medicine 
6. Which countries do you deliver these medicines to?
The products listed on our store are shipped worldwide except .
7. When can I expect delivery of my order?
The online store specializes in providing quality services to the customers, orders are shipped discreetly with on-time delivery within 7 to 10 business days
8. Can women consumed these generic pills?
No, all products sold here are for treating male impotency issues like Erectile Dysfunction, women should not consume these medicine
9. Is there any age limit for ordering drugs from Fortunehealthcarestore.com?
Yes! There is an age bar restricting purchase for children below 18 years of age

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