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Filagra CT 50
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Sensational chewable form of Filagra CT 50 is composed by trusted manufacturer Fortune Health Care Ltd. The medicine is a low dosed solution that is specially meant for relieving impotence or Erectile Dysfunction issue in men. Highly sensational chews overcome Erectile Dysfunction issue in men. Chewable meds are easy to consume and known for quickly effectiveness that stays for longer time. Medicine is easy to consume with effectiveness that stays for longer time.

Main active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate 50mg in chew is effective for treating male impotency. Component in medication performs wonder by boosting up blood flow and loosening arterial blockages in the penile region. This complete action mechanism allows men to attain and maintain erection for longer time.

Sensational chewable tablets are to be consumed orally only once in a day. Simply chew away a tablet without water or high fat meals. Filagra CT 50 chews work only if consumed in presence of compete sexual stimulation.

Appropriate intake of medicine in moderation as prescribed by doctor delivers best result. Effectiveness of chews stays positively in body for up to 5 hours.

Side effects with this low powered medicine happen in rare cases. Allergic reaction or excessive intake of chews may lead to side effects like shortness of breath, vision impairment, irregular heartbeat or chest pain, lightheadedness or sudden hearing loss. These severe reactions may need medical assistance.

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